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" every artist has a different sensibility to portraying that moment, that light and sound, that occasion or that feeling, and whether that moment or approach is freestyle, intuitive, spontaneously inspired or deeply considered, in the craft, each end portrait is uniquely different from the last, whilst always retaining the individual fingerprint of that artist consistently running through it"... 

NEVER RECORDS 2010 - 2013 

Photographer ~ Ted Riederer  (NEW YORK)

Photographer ~ Jason Wyche  (NEW YORK)

Photographer ~ Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee (NEW ORLEANS)

LIVERPOOL 2006 - 2013

"a selection of venues, promoters nights, events, occasions, guitars, shirts, beards and expressions over 5 years living in one of the greatest musical cities  ..."

Photographer : - Adrian Wharton ~ Liverpool

Photographer ~ Graeme Lamb (Graeme Lamb Media)

Photographer ~ Claire Freeman


Photographer ~ Charlie Carlton


Photographer ~ Michael Graham 

Photographer ~ Miscellaneous 

( N.B All images featured here, are copyrighted to the respective photographers and may not be used for any purpose without their prior permission ) many thanks S.J!